Book our 4-day signature workshop HIGH HEELS TO FLIP FLOPS, HH2FF& we will offer, at no charge, a 1-day pro bona workshop, on your company’s behalf and in your company’s name, ‘COACHING TOOLS FOR PERSONAL LEADERSHIP‘ to a local charity of your choice.

In our experience of working with underprivileged groups this 1-day workshop has an incredible impact on those who would not otherwise experience the power of coaching. Let us help you to make a difference  in your local community today!

Valerie Legge        

Anna Stowers       


Title: “The Coach Approach for Business Language Trainers”

Who’s this workshop for? Trainers & those in leadership positions who want to have a coaching toolkit to add to their skillset without a major financial or time investment.

Duration: Two days
Bonus: Our specialist Ebook, Coaching Toolkit for Business English Trainers

Seminar objectives

  • Differentiate the different mindsets for Coaching and Training
  • Support the kick-off of training more effectively with a Solution-Focussed Outcome Frame
  • Facilitating trainee-defined targets using The Wheel
  • Maintain motivation in your team or in your group using The Logical Levels, The Four Stages of learning and Beckhardt’s formula for overcoming resistance to change and many other coaching tools.

Based on insights from Psychology, Neuroscience and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, this two-day workshop demystifies elements of both the art and science of professional coaching in an accessible manner. You will come away with experiential knowledge of topics such as goal-setting, working with objections, asking powerful questions and utilizing the power of language – a useful toolkit for the training environment.

  • What exactly is coach position?
  • How to set inspiring goals using The Outcome Frame and The Wheel
  • Use the Logical Levels to maintain motivation
  • Strengthen the responsibility of the learner for the training process


‘HOW TO MAKE AN IMPACT’ for Managers & Project/Team Leaders

This 4-day coach/training workshop is specifically for managers & team leaders whose aim is to develop clear leadership skills  using the coach approach to make that powerful difference.

Learn the coaching skills & technologies to successfully lead your team with the unique 4-quadrant process and you will leave with new ways to

  • set clear goals and inspire your team to achieve results of the highest quality
  • empower your team through identifying meaning & purpose
  • create a problem-solving environment where each team player is part of the solution
  • facilitate your team towards innovation, action & achievement by creating a clear vision of organizational goals

Day 1:How to inspire your team

Coaching fundamentals & understanding the power of the mind

Day 2: How to implement the tools & technologies

Learn the tools that have an immediate application in the workplace

Day 3: How to integrate the learning

Discover how to deal with obstacles, blockages and setbacks as part of the process

Day 4: How to maintain the momentum

The skill set to build on successes and move forward using proven motivational technologies

MAKE AN IMPACT‘ can be arranged through your company or on a private basis.  A minimum of 6 participants is needed. We also offer the option of breaking the workshop into smaller packages: 1,2 or 3 day workshops.


Our signature workshop:


THE exclusive 4-day Coaching Retreat for Professionals who want more from Life


HH2FF The kick-off and kick-back strategy for well-heeled professionals  who want to lighten up and liven things up!

Get out of your comfort zone. No one is keeping you there. Go beyond yourself. Your habits. Your standards. Challenge your limiting beliefs. Challenge your personal status quo. Find a way to do more today than you did yesterday, with less stress and more joy.


Day 1: Inspiration

Coaching principles; neuro-science 101; defining goals and translating ideas into action

Day 2: Implementation

The magic formula for implementing change; tools for expanding inner resourcefulness and mastery; facilitating multiple perspectives.

Day 3: Integration

Exploring core outcomes; taming inner gremlins; motivating through language

Day 4: Celebration

Kindle the sense of new possibilities – slip back on those high-heels while feeling fully alive to stride back into your world on your own terms!

HIGH HEELS TO FLIP FLOPS can be arranged through your company or on a private basis. A minimum of 6 participants is needed. We also offer the option of breaking the workshop into smaller packages: 1,2 or 3 day workshops.


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