COVID update: Iceland was cancelled so we’re excitedly heading back to Vancouver, this time for the Global Positive Psychology Conference in 2021, join us there with more insights, experience and techniques to share!


For the 10th European Positive Psychology Conference in June.

Our newly launched Retirement Model has been tested and the feedback us in!


walking the talk


Give the talk?
Why not walk it at the same time!
As we are prepping for the June European Positive Psychology conference in Reykjavik we take ourselves off to Mexico to practice the model and offer our new workshop while at the same time test running the content and the lifestyle!

‘Thriving in Retirement, blooming boomers’


Thriving in Retirement

Life coaching, Positive Psychology

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Did you know that globally, the population aged 65 and over is growing faster than all other age groups? Due to the ageing baby boomer generation (those born between 1946 – 1964), the UN has declared that population ageing is poised to become one of the most significant social transformations of the twenty-first century … by 2050, one in four persons living in Europe and Northern America could be aged 65 or over!

Yet how many boomers are actually prepared to embrace RETIREMENT, this next exciting and complex transitional stage of life (which could last at least 30 years)? How will they prepare for the changing relationship with their identity, their environment, their biology, their productivity, their leisure and social lives as well as their money?

At the Coach Approach, we have developed a comprehensive retirement support program, providing a reliable compass to re-create balance and enhance well-being. By incorporating empirically researched tools and strategies, we offer a framework which supports each boomer in developing a renewed sense of meaning, community and engagement in their next chapter.

Are you nearing retirement, or know a boomer who is in need of retirement coaching? Contact us for more information on how to move from Booming to Blooming!

Change NOW – HOW?



What behaviour would you like to change? Why?

What habits, routines and rituals support the unwanted behaviour?

What does your desired new behaviour look like?

What habits, routines and rituals would support your desired wanted behaviour?

Coach Approach Presentations

Business coaching/Training


Here at The Coach Approach we know the importance of giving memorable presentations. At the core must be THE “Big Idea” – that is your KEY MESSAGE  and then of course the big WHY, why your audience should care about it.

Since typically you are asking people to change their outlook or behaviour, it’s necessary to have a clear definition of what you want them to do. In addition, the Coach Approach includes an awareness of energy and flow. Often the desired audience transformation is seen as moving AWAY from old beliefs and behaviour, however more importantly it can be presented as moving TOWARDS what you’d like them to believe and how you want them to act.
Contact us for more information on incorporating the Coach Approach into your important trainings and presentations!

Grass looking greener over there?



If the grass looks greener on the other side…  Stop staring.  Stop comparing.  Stop complaining and start watering the grass you’re standing on.

How to make it work!



Dr Shelly Gable is someone who knows what she’s talking about!

In a nutshell:

When someone’s telling you a story and you respond ACTIVELY and CONSTRUCTIVELY,

guess what? LOVE and FRIENDSHIP increase.

There are 4 styles of responding to people’s stories:

  • ACTIVE, CONSTRUCTIVE (authentic, enthusiastic support)
  • PASSIVE, CONSTRUCTIVE (understated support)
  • PASSIVE, DESTRUCTIVE (ignoring the story)
  • ACTIVE DESTRUCTIVE (pointing out negative aspects)

Your colleague: ‘ Hey, I’ve just been offered a promotion!’


  • That’s great, what’s your new position, when do you start…..
  • Nice!
  • My wife just started a new job at…….
  • Bet you’ll have a much heavier workload…….

Get the idea?

So what style will you be using in the office next week?



individuality….YES YOU!

  • discover your professional purpose and embark on a career path you are proud of
  • take action on your goals and dreams
  • pursue what you truly love doing
  • learn and apply productive goal achievement strategies that work
  • become more productive, efficient and effective
  • quit bad habits and revamp your lifestyle
  • become more confident and break away from limiting beliefs
  • reconnect with your inner self and true genius



Learn the CRAFT of COACHING in our 2-day workshop


Coaching skills to inspire yourself, your loved ones and your team


Empower through Language


empowerment“I” is a Declaration

The word “I” is a magnet. If you say “I’m useless”, the vibration of uselessness moves towards you. Chances are, if you ARE useless, it is because you have been saying so for a while.

Challenge: I is a decree to the universe that attracts what comes after it.

Solution: Pay attention to I and I am, and see what you are asking the universe to deliver. Ask your friends and family to listen to your “I” statements and give you feedback. Practice saying “I am….” and fill in the blank. Repetition is one key to manifestation.

There is much power in “I” – so much, that we are often afraid to own what we are saying. We therefore use the collective “you” instead. While speaking first person, it may feel awkward at first it is only from there that we can truly command our power.

Challenge: Many of us dilute our personal power and use the collective “we”. Or, worse yet, we give our credit to someone else.

Solution: Think before you speak, and find a way to use “I” to own your successes, your language, and your actions. Practice shortening your sentences until they become laser sharp. Rather than saying “you” as a generalization, say “I” and own the sentence.

Making better choices



It’s a well known fact that we tend to overestimate the benefits of things that don’t serve us – think that extra cookie or glass of vino, whatever your weakness is, and overestimate the cost of things that do serve us well – going for that exercise routine, making that presentation at work.

Carrots and sticks, the ones we chase and we run from – let’s focus on better choices.

Take a weakness that you’ve been ignoring, what price is waiting for you down the road? Time to refocus?

Take a block that you’ve been avoiding, again – what’s the price of continued ignorance? Time to push through the fear and do it anyway?

Ok, action time, stop chasing the carrots and running from the sticks!

Get real about benefits and costs!