The Youth in Motion 2-day workshop, Montreal


What a great opportunity it was working this week for 2 days with the young adults from the Youth in Motion programme in down town Montreal.

Their trust & willingness  to participate fully and explore personally challenging issues using these coaching tools & technologies made this workshop a fantastic experience for myself & Valerie.

We will carry the power & energy released from this experience into our future events and can only say a big  ‘THANK YOU’ to all involved!

Youth in Motion

Phylicia,Kim;Kylee; Vaun & Delany

Theo, Catherine & Dwayne

Myself, enjoying the moment

Michael & Sabrina, Youth Leaders

Phylicia taking the stage

I-mani, Kittim, Kiefea & David

Phylicia & Delany at work

Vaun contemplating

Kylee, Kim & Phylicia

Watch out for the next post, when I’m back in Germany I’ll upload more photos….,


~ Anna


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