What will you celebrate?


It’s December already, a month full of special events and holidays – and, let’s face it, stress!

So instead of rushing around blindly fulfilling social obligations, I would invite you to take a few minutes to center yourself and clarify some important goals. Ready? Now,  imagine yourself at your own 80th birthday party.  Ask yourself what the highlights of your life would be from that time looking back. Once you have a clear picture of what you value, of what is truly important to you in the big picture, you can get started on making these experiences and achievements a reality.

Maybe your future self focused upon time spent in nature with your family, or on writing a book, or time spent immersed in another country learning a new language. Now, see how this can shine light upon your activities in the here and now. Perhaps it is not as important as you thought to focus as much on the details of shopping and being the “perfect” holiday host …

When we give ourselves permission to make new choices based upon what we truly value, energy and enthusiasm begin to circulate anew and stress subsides. So take heart – reclaim the holiday season by CHOOSING what you celebrate!


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