The Solution Cycle vs: the Problem State


One of the most noticeable qualities of Solution-Focused coaching lies in its brilliant way of dealing with dissatisfaction. When viewed with a typical Problem lens, the focus is on what we DON’T WANT – on the pain which causes an action to be taken. Once the result begins to be felt there is less pain, which in turn results in less action … and leads back into the vicious cycle of further stress and discomfort. This orientation toward pain results in a lack of sustainable change: there is no real change over time.

Enter the Solution (or Outcome) Cycle. By immediately clarifying what we DO WANT, we are motivated to take inspired action. This leads to results which create pleasure and satisfaction, which in turn leads to taking more action. The spiral movement which is created leads to change which is sustainable long-term.

Take a moment right now and think about it – which cycle would you rather have for yourself and your learners?


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