How to build Self-Esteem:


10 questions to discover true worth and claim back power

1.   When (at what specific situations) do you feel really great?
2.   What are you good at? What makes you a special person?
3.   What compliments do you receive from others?
4.   How will your life be different when you develop higher self-esteem?
5.   In which areas would you like to develop self-esteem the most?
6.   How will you do that? Which skills do you need? Who can help you?
7.   What is it that you will be able to do/be/have when you have higher self-esteem?
8.   What is your specific goal in raising your self-esteem? How will you    measure it  and know for sure when you have reached it?
9.   What action steps can you take to claim that self-worth which is so rightfully yours?
10.   Who else will benefit by your stepping into confidence and claiming it for yourself?


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