Purpose, vision and goals


Imagine that someone asked you today: “What is your purpose, what is your vision and what are your goals?” Would you be able to answer those questions? For many people, more time is spent planning what to eat for dinner than planning for life.  But without a vision, we continue to live the life we have always known; and if our vision isn’t anchored in our purpose then we can easily get lost.

Think of a pyramid of building blocks. At the bottom are our goals which support our vision that is driven by a higher purpose.  Simply put, the vision represents what we want to create with our life.  The goal represents the various aspects of how we are doing it, and the purpose answers the question “why?”.

So try taking the time today to clarify your own answers to these questions: “What really matters to me?  What’s my purpose?  What’s the vision?  What would I create with my life a year from now if it’s grounded and driven by my purpose and then what steps might I take?”


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