It was the first day of Erickson College’s 2008 “The Art and Science of Coaching” Intensive training program in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Over the course of the first morning Anna Stowers and Valerie Legge were assigned seats side-by-side and had opportunities to begin coaching each other immediately. And it was that same morning that the magic began … Discovering the power of the coaching model alongside a newfound friendship was a life-changing moment from which there was no turning back. And it was too good not to share; the question was simply: how would the collaboration continue?

The course finished all too soon and they returned to their respective homes, Anna to Düsseldorf (Germany) and Valerie to Montreal (Quebec). Committed to deepening their coaching expertise, they then enrolled in an on-line intensive follow-up course that allowed them to stay in touch while continuing their learning together while completing advanced certification with the International Coaching Federation. Buoyed by the support of technology, they committed to weekly phone meetings – after all, much coaching is done effectively over the telephone – and by the summer of 2010 they had completed their first program offerings. “From High Heels to Flip-Flops”, their signature 4-day workshop, was designed with discerning well-heeled professionals in mind – a kick-off and kick-back strategy to lighten up and liven things up! The offshoot of this, a 2-day condensed version for Personal Leadership, was offered in July 2010 at an inner-city Montreal community Centre for the young adults of the Youth in Motion program.

Since 2011, the dynamic team has been offering highly acclaimed corporate training workshops in Cologne and Stuttgart. They have also acted as Corporate Trainers for the Skylight Professional Development certification courses. 2016 marks their return to Montreal, where they offered their services as consultants at McGill University through their Organizational development Services.


Valerie’s wide-ranging background has allowed her to experience both the creative process and the dilemma of the creative soul. It was through her training as a Solution-Focused Personal Life Coach that she discovered a means to help herself and others reframe the process in order to thrive right through to the completion of one’s final goals and beyond. Valerie received her training in 2008 in the Art and Science of Coaching from Erickson College International in Vancouver and is accredited as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation.

A graduate from the University of Toronto in Music Performance in 1979, Valerie worked for many years as a professional performing violinist, adjudicator and teacher. A skilled communicator, she is also trained as an ESL teacher and has worked teaching both English and French immersion. Work at the Montreal Neurological Institute as a Research Coordinator in adolescent brain development sparked her interest in brain plasticity and transformation, while her experience co-leading a Mindfulness Meditation group brings her another understanding of training the mind to develop new behaviours and inner calm. Valerie continues to integrate both art and science into her coaching practice; she recently completed a course in Clinical Training in Mind/Body Medicine at the Harvard Medical School (Sept. – Oct. 2009). In addition, she loves writing and has published a musical biography – One Quarter of the Orford String Quartet which is available through Amazon.com.

Currently she enjoys living in the multi-ethnic Mile End neighbourhood of Montreal; previously she has lived and worked on 3 continents (Canada, Africa and Europe) and continues to be an avid traveler. She especially enjoys connecting with her two wonderful children as their adult lives unfold; she is also interested in many genres of music, spirituality, nature, yoga, painting and whole foods.  She is committed to and energized by supporting others in their transformative journey towards an integrated life of their own composing.


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