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I have been coached by Anna Stowers for eight months now and can heartily recommend her as a qualified and motivational professional coach. Anna is an excellent communicator, sincere listener and skillful coach who has helped me to reconnect to my values while taking concrete action steps in the areas of my personal and professional life. It is great to have her encouraging “push” for more ideas or commitments that lead to positive results. Warmly and with great appreciation,

Juventus Petrulis

Project and Human Resource Manager

Keren Yesha, Kfar Saba, Israel


I have been working with Anna Stowers for almost a year in a coaching relationship. Anna has coached me on a regular basis and I see her as a powerful and professional coach. She has with her great coaching skills helped me to develop in my professional world. For me this has made a large difference!

It is my pleasure to give her my absolutely best recommendations as a professional Business Coach.

Gunnar Kihlblom, Senior Consultant

Svennerstål & Partners

SE-114 46  Stockholm




Valerie is a life coach with a very unique energy about her. Her poise and confidence radiate to the heart of her clients and allow them to step bravely into their future. I have been impressed with her ability to read what’s going on ‘below the surface’ and bring out the best in her clients. I have no hesitation recommending Valerie to anyone looking for an experienced and gifted life coach to help them on their journey toward wholeness, satisfaction, and greater success.

Heather Petheric

Founder, www.careerclarity.org

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada


Anna Stowers has been my Business English trainer for many years now, and the pleasure is on my side to recommend Anna as a coach. During our Business English meetings we discuss daily work and news as well as private challenges and her advice is always more than helpful. Her skills at listening and providing competent answers to all topics as a “mother in business” as well as being flexible, humorous and creative make every Business English meeting a coaching hour too. She always shows a different perspective to have a look at ways that seem to have no exit.
If she was not my Business English trainer I would ask her to be my coach!

Dr. Bernadette Geers
European patent attorney
Cognis GmbH


Having worked with Anna for quite some years now, I can say that her greatest strengths are being a natural and empathetic listener as well as constantly seeking out and implementing the new. Both are wonderful attributes for a coach to have.

Tim Hill

Associate member of faculty and coach

Center for Creative Leadership EMEA, Brussels


Working with Valerie as my coach, I was able to put my values into perspective and to discover what I’d like to enhance my wonderful life.

Catherine Walker

Suzuki cello teacher and trainer

Ayer’s Cliff, QC, Canada


I found having someone to share the journey was important at that stage of my life.
I enjoyed the “heart” which you brought to the sessions we had, as well as a real connection of building a relationship.
Although I have coached myself, I liked your disciplined approach and your follow through with me.

I will always be grateful, thank you again.

Andrew Porteous
Director and Owner
A&M Training  Germany


Anna Stowers’ clear thinking, matter of fact approach, and ability to get right to the heart of the matter make her an excellent business and life coach.  I especially appreciate her skill at focused listening and providing high-quality authentic feedback.  With Anna as your coach, you’ll be sure to excel with confidence and clarity.

Lynn Skotnitsky, M.A.




My experience with Valerie has been eye-opening and extremely positive. With her respectful, sensitive and insightful encouragement, I was able to create strategies to work towards realizing some of my most cherished dreams. With Valerie’s support, I have woken up to believing in my potential and accepting the work needed to realize it.

Mark Simons

Clarinet performer, pedagogue and conductor

Montreal, PQ, Canada


Anna Stowers is an upbeat, smart, and perceptive guide who listens and absorbs and then with both empathy and pragmatism helps people more clearly focus on achieving their goals with realistic solutions.

Nile Stanton

University Professor

University of Maryland US


I can guarantee that even a short investment of time with Anna yields valuable insights.

Stefan Gee

GEE Language Services



Valerie was great at helping me sort out my muddled thinking…including helping me to figure out what I needed to figure out!  I appreciated the  questions, both concrete and open-ended. The Ericksonian principles mesh with my observations of life. The follow-up notes were extremely useful and allowed me to revisit our discussions. The conversations with Valerie helped to clear away the weeds covering the values, ideas and intentions which were already growing in my internal garden. Thank you, Valerie!”

Elizabeth Lorenz

Elementary school teacher

Nanaimo, BC, Canada


The ability to accurately assess a situation, reflect upon it thoughtfully and provide useful guidance is a rare gift.  Across the years of my life, I have known few, if any, persons who have been as gifted in this regard as is Anna Stowers.  Anna brings a wealth of experience — across continents, cultures and languages; her genuine concern for others; and a unique way of approaching ‘urbi et orbi’ to every aspect of her life.  She is able to see things in ways that others do not.  Her advice, whether on matters of business, finance or personal issues, is based in reality, always sound, yet truly creative.

I have especially benefited from her counsel and guidance at different crossroads in my life.  Anna makes connections that others would never imagine, and in doing so, sees new ways of solving old problems.

If you’re lucky, you have friends in life that you can to for honesty, or compassion, or humor, or common-sense, or adventure, or loyalty or guidance.  In Anna Stowers, you find them all in one.

Patrick Connell

Defence Lawyer



Valerie’s soothing voice and presence gently pushed me through a wall of resistance to re-engage into completing my book. I was stuck and anxious, unable to sit and do the work, always finding a way to get away. Through our session I connected with my most important reason to complete it. Since I have been able to move forward and my book is going to press in about two weeks. Thank you Valerie – your coaching is very powerful!

Angèle G Castonguay

Artist and Professional Life Coach, HappySoulCoaching.com

Vancouver, BC, Canada


I would like to recommend Anna Stowers as a coach, not only for business purposes but also as a Life coach.

She has worked very hard to add on to her natural talents as a Coach, with the result being that her incredibly up-lifting, positive attitude is only surpassed by her professionalism and dedication to her students from all walks of life.

She has had huge successes and helped many students in the business world and also personally.

Anna approaches all students and coaching with the same cheery, indefatigable, spirit and I would not hesitate to recommend her as coach for any aspect of business or life.

Anne Middlemiss

Disney Vacation Club

Florida US


I have had the pleasure of knowing Anna Stowers for more than 20 years & I value her friendship, her advice & her generosity of spirit immensely.

Over the last couple of years Anna has helped me get through family bereavements & personal health issues using her expertise in life coaching which was enormously helpful in getting me through a very difficult period in my life.

This talented, sensitive lady would be an asset to any company.

John Pratt (retired DJ & entertainer)

London UK


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