How To Figure Out WHAT You Want, GET It, and KEEP It!


Published on Amazon, check out the link to our latest book, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006EO9S2C – it is a real wealth of information, collected over many years of coaching. An amazing offer you simply have to see to understand and experience it’s value!

This e-book is a hands-on manual for people who long to get more out of life – to thrive rather than merely survive. You’ll be personally engaged as you examine your own operating principles and inner dynamics of solution-focused exploration.

The self-coaching tools and technologies that we share with you in this e-book are much more than mere techniques and gimmicks. Essentially, we are shining light on a process rather than on a single method. It is a process which reveals the real joy of self-development – that combination of inspiration, implementation, integration and celebration – helping you to become even more outstanding at whatever you have chosen to be and do.

Priced at only $6.69 (US), we guarantee that this e-book will open your eyes to new possibilities and innumerable “aha” moments! There will be no turning back on the road to making discoveries and positive changes in your life


To order, please click on the Amazon link above.

Thank you – with our joyful wishes for ultimate self-mastery!


Our specialized e-book: Coaching Toolkit for Business English Trainers has hit the stands! Containing tips, tools and insights in 14 chapters, it is the only one of its kind to specifically link Business English training and coaching skills.

Click here for an excerpt: Coaching Toolkit for Business English Trainers

e book 2

So if you’re a Business English Trainer, make now the year you add powerful and effective coaching skills to your toolbox.

Priced at  €29.95  it is sure to be an investment that will provide huge dividends both in your professional and personal lives!

Please click on the link below to activate your order. Once your payment has been credited,  you will receive an email with a link to the e-book in pdf form. Thank you for your interest …



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