Inspiring Willpower


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“You have a duty to perform. Do anything else, do any number of things, occupy your time fully, and yet, if you do not do this task, all your time here will have been wasted.” Jalalladin Rumi

Then ask yourself, right now: if I were 5% more honest with myself about my life’s work I would …

Now fill in the blank. What steps are you willing to commit to today to live out your calling?

The Art & Science of Happy


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TBD, as defined by Ellen Degeneres, is the “Too Busy Disorder”. In our modern day and age, stress is no longer the problem – lack of recovery is the real problem!

What are some of the ways that you can use to recover from the disorder of constantly being too busy?

  • meditation
  • music
  • going for a walk
  • sleeping
  • recreation/physical activity
  • taking a vacation
  • 24-hr technology break (no emails, SMS or phone calls)

Regular intermittent recovery is essential for a return to your best possible self. What are you waiting for?

Drum roll please!




What would you point to as the achievements that have mattered most to you? 

And why?

Whar are some of the challenges you have faced? 

And how have you handled them?

Who do you admire? 

Who inspires you? 

And why?

What have you learnt from your life experiences that you would like to pass on to others?


The Ultimate Currency – a new ROI



Happiness is defined as pleasure plus a deep sense of meaning.

Take the time to define where you derive your sense of pleasure and where it intersects with where you find your sense of meaning. This could be the turning point for a brand-new source of richness in your life – because really, happiness IS the ultimate currency! And it’s yours for the taking once you’re willing to do the inner work …

It’s here!!


NY 8

Make each fresh day of this new year a little better than yesterday.

daily optimizations will soon lead to exponential improvements.

What Younger You Would Like About Present You




Most of us know our failures personally, on a deep level. But what about if your life has turned out to be bigger, brighter, sparklier than you ever could have imagined? What would make 13-year-old you delighted, if not disbelieving? Maybe you have the job you never thought attainable, you prima ballerina/doctor/patisserie owner/rocket designer you. Maybe you have the greatest partner in the world, or five cats, or a late-discovered but amazing faculty for acquiring new languages. Escribe, por favor.

Work Smarter


work smarter

Did you know that 60% or less of work time is actually spent productively? This is because we often forget  that more is not always better. Research suggests that after about 4 hours of focused concentration or intensive practice, there is little or no benefit to any additional practice. So the key to working smarter is to do more in less time … Instead of working in a continuous marathon, use interval sprints as your new ideal.

In practical terms, this means doing focused work for 60-120 minutes, followed by at least 15 minutes of real recovery. Remember, people aren’t like machines! Working smarter respects the 3 R’s: rest, recreation and recovery. In the words of A. Ericsson:

“To maximize gains from long-term practice, individuals must avoid exhaustion and must limit practice to an amount from which they can recover on a daily or weekly basis.”

How will you implement a new habit to help you work smarter in the days and weeks ahead?

Failure, embrace it!




‘The greatest mistake a man can make is to be afraid of making one.’ Hubbard

My objective today is to help you fail more, embrace failure – not love it,

YES it hurts but, in many cases


In the words of Tal Beh Shahar, Harvard University professor,

‘We learn to

  • walk by falling
  • to talk by babbling
  • to eat by making a mess
  • to colour inside the box by scribbling outside the box’

In the words of Roosevelt,’there is no effort without error…the credit belongs to the man in the arena, it is not the critic who counts’

Live is too short for us to live it any other way!

So let’s fail our way to success:

Where can you dare greatly?

Where do you need to take more risks?

Put yourself on the line and fail your way to success!

Thoughts Create Worlds

Business coaching/Training, Life coaching


DId you know that we can change our feelings by changing our thinking? When an event occurs, we interpret it in our thoughts, but not always in a rational way. When we learn to identify the ways in which we allow our thoughts to hijack our feelings, we can dispute these thoughts and begin to make lasting changes. Here then are the 3 M’s, some main ways in which our thoughts can misinterpret events:

1) Magnifying – exaggerating and over-generalizing, leading to all-or-nothing thinking (“this one setback means that I will always be a loser in every aspect of my life”)

2) Minimizing – underplaying, using tunnel vision to dismiss either positive or negative elements (“there is only bad [good] in this relationship”)

3) Making up – personalizing or blaming, emotional reasoning based on fabrications (“I feel rotten, therefore I am a rotten person”)

When we dispute these erroneous interpretations of reality, we actually change our old neural pathways and create new ones. By asking questions (“is my conclusion tied to reality, or am I ignoring something important?”) we can act as advocates for ourselves. So be your own lawyer and dispute your irrational thoughts – you’ll feel a whole lot better!