Business coaching/Training

Professional workshops and conferences offer the stimulation of new learning and exciting connections, and this year’s “Sprachen und Beruf” in Berlin is no exception. Its goal is to encourage the training of effective business communication and intercultural skills within the current global economy. Anna is pleased to collaborate by presenting “The Coaching Element” with the able assistance of Sonia Ceresoni.

To further encourage and support the addition of the Coach Approach in training environments, we are adding a special bonus following this year’s Sprachen und Beruf conference. For all our workshops offered in-house, we will give each participant a FREE copy of our specialized e-book: “Coaching Toolkit for Business English Trainers”.

Here’s to working together to expand our collective toolkits!


Make 2011 the year you make a difference!


An important message to all Business English Trainers, Consultants, Coaches,  HR training specialists & Teachers who want 2011 to  be the year to take their careers & professional development up to the next level!

Our latest E-book, hot off the press for 2001,  is the only book of its kind to specifically link Business English training and coaching skills!

‘Coaching Toolkit for Business English Trainers’

  • over 80 pages of specialist insights, tips and tools with some great links to extra resources too
  • check out the free sample by clicking on E-book on the top tool bar