Empower through Language


empowerment“I” is a Declaration

The word “I” is a magnet. If you say “I’m useless”, the vibration of uselessness moves towards you. Chances are, if you ARE useless, it is because you have been saying so for a while.

Challenge: I is a decree to the universe that attracts what comes after it.

Solution: Pay attention to I and I am, and see what you are asking the universe to deliver. Ask your friends and family to listen to your “I” statements and give you feedback. Practice saying “I am….” and fill in the blank. Repetition is one key to manifestation.

There is much power in “I” – so much, that we are often afraid to own what we are saying. We therefore use the collective “you” instead. While speaking first person, it may feel awkward at first it is only from there that we can truly command our power.

Challenge: Many of us dilute our personal power and use the collective “we”. Or, worse yet, we give our credit to someone else.

Solution: Think before you speak, and find a way to use “I” to own your successes, your language, and your actions. Practice shortening your sentences until they become laser sharp. Rather than saying “you” as a generalization, say “I” and own the sentence.