A Fresh Start …

It’s that time of year again when we have turned the page and are facing our year end schedules. But let’s not think that we’re stuck in this end-of-year drama …
What if, at any time we choose, we could have a clean slate – a brand new beginning?  What would you do differently if you gave yourself this gift of a completely fresh start?
This gift is available to every one of us any time we choose to receive it!  By letting go of our focus on the past, we choose to practice compassion with ourselves and allow new seeds to emerge.  Let’s not carry the weight of the past in the forefront of our minds, but instead consciously give ourselves the gift of a new beginning each morning.

Feedback to Feed Forward


Providing feedback is considered an essential skill for trainers. In addition, leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith uses an interesting “Feed Forward” exercise to help his clients focus on the infinite varieties of opportunities in the future. So why not look at them both, and use the assessments of past performances to light the way for future directions? Here then is some of the feedback received following our recent 2-day “Coach Approach for Business Language Trainers” workshop in Cologne.

  • “I particularly liked having two trainers who complement each other in such a perfect way as you both; the array of subjects – a great overview of tools really well presented; your demos. Great!”
  • “Great supportive working atmosphere. Really useful.”
  • “It was a lot of information but a great introduction to the area of coaching. I think 2 trainers maintain interest and energy.”
  • “I will definitely recommend this course to all trainer friends I want to support.”
  • “I really enjoy the pairwork, being able to use the tools and at many times experiencing an “aha” moment.”

So what is the learning here to feed forward? That we are honoured and energized in providing such value to our workshop participants, and will plan to carry on offering this workshop AND other follow-up sessions. Stay tuned!!

A bit chuffed…


…it’s our 1st debut together on Amazon, check out the link to our latest book, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006EO9S2C  priced at only $8.03, it’s a real wealth of information, collected over many years of coaching. An amazing offer you simply have to see to understand and experience it’s value!


An introduction to self-coaching based on the insights
from science, psychology and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). It
demystifies elements of both the art and the science of professional
coaching in an accessible manner.

Using a four-quadrant model, the book
provides hands-on tools for creating Inspiration, Implementation,
Integration and Celebration. Topics such as goal-setting, working with
objections, using values as a compass, asking powerful questions, utilizing
the power of language to motivate and keeping alive the sense of new
possibilities are all covered in the book.
The book is intended as a user-friendly manual which can be used
both as an introduction to coaching concepts and practices AND as a handbook
for those wishing to explore these issues more deeply. It includes practical
exercises applicable to many contexts, pictures, diagrams, charts, quotes
and web links for a comprehensive overview of the subject.

Think into Possibility


In her “Daily Dream Builder”, Mary Morrissey writes:

“Every single thought we have is either into possibility or into limitation.  We can choose thoughts that make things more difficult, such as when we believe that we have to do things solely with our own power.
There’s a story about a boy and his father who were going for a walk when they came upon a great big rock in the middle of the road.  The little boy asked his dad, “Do you think I could move that rock if I tried really, really hard?” His dad said to him, “I believe that if you used all your strength you could move that rock just fine.”  The little boy got down and pushed his shoulder against that rock –he pushed and pushed and couldn’t move the rock.
Finally, he turned to his dad and said, “You were wrong, I can’t move that rock.”  And his father said, “No, son, I said that if you used all your strength you could; because part of your strength is in asking me to help.”
Thinking into limitation means you’ve got to do it all on your own.  Thinking into possibility means you can ask for help when it’s needed.”
What is one specific example from your life where you can switch to thinking into possibility?